New Partnerships Launch Conservation Projects for China’s Coastal Wetlands

Today in Beijing, the Paulson Institute announced the launch of three inaugural wetlands projects as part of the Institute’s Conservation program. These three pilot projects, established in partnership with the Lao Niu Foundation, utilize our unique think-and-do approach in order to drive measurable and lasting environmental change.

Two of the projects focus on developing a national strategy for coastal wetland conservation and honing best practices for the management of the coastal wetlands. The third project will focus on implementing advanced conservation approaches and piloting adaptive management procedures for the water and fishery resources in the Poyang Lake National Nature Reserve.

The Paulson Institute’s Conservation program focuses on preservation of natural resources in China. China’s coastal wetlands are life-supporting habitats that sustain irreplaceable biodiversity, including millions of migratory water birds, along with many unique plant and animal species. Of the project, Institute Chairman Henry M. Paulson, Jr. said, “As our demands on the environment increase for food production, water consumption and land development we need to ensure that we preserve these critical and delicate life-supporting ecosystems.”

The Institute will oversee and provide technical guidance on the projects, implemented by local government and nonprofit partners. The Institute accepted a $1 million grant presented by Lao Niu Foundation chairman Niu Gensheng to support the implementation of these conservation projects.

For more information, click here to read the press release.