Over the past year, the Institute continues to develop programs and promote policies that foster a productive US-China relationship that serves to maintain global order during a time of heightened tension in the bilateral relationship. We hope you will enjoy reading about our work in this Annual Report.

In 2018, our Green Finance Center worked with financial market participants and international financial institutions to promote green growth and create innovative models to finance green development. Our in-house Think-Tank relaunched as MacroPolo in July 2017.  It generates best-in-class analysis and creates novel intellectual products to decode China’s political economy for investors, businesses, and policymakers. Its team of experts are widely cited in mainstreams media and frequently speak on US-China economic and technology issues. Our Conservation program worked to protect and unlock the value of China’s natural capital through our support of the Chinese national parks pilot program, wetlands conservation and the pursuit of responsible investment and trade.   And other vital initiatives, such as our Mayors Training Program and the Paulson Prize for Sustainability, have continued to support sustainable economic solutions.

As the US-China relationship continues to evolve, so will the Paulson Institute. Our team is energized about the work to come. We appreciate your support and look forward to working together for our sustainable future.