This year marked a turning point in history—a year in which a series of geopolitical and economic shocks forced us to reckon with the reality that the post-Cold War world is in a new and more uncertain era. The United States and China continued their headlong descent from a competitive but sometimes cooperative relationship to one that is confrontational in nearly every respect. This year also brought significant challenges for the global economy. And geopolitical conflict accelerated the transition to a fragmented world of rival economic blocs.

The combination of these challenges made 2022 a decidedly tough year. But the year also brought some cause for optimism. Notably, this was a watershed year for the fight against climate change.

For its part, the Paulson Institute continued to offer solutions that contribute to a more resilient and sustainable world. We convened experts and industry leaders to facilitate a more productive US-China relationship. We highlighted the most innovative and scalable sustainability solutions through the Paulson Prize for Sustainability. We accelerated our green finance and conservation work, delivering on-the-ground demonstration, capacity building, and policy advocacy.  And we delivered groundbreaking digital research products on China’s political economy through our think tank, MacroPolo.

In the year ahead, we will continue to help promote solutions to the world’s daunting environmental and economic challenges. We appreciate your support and engagement in our work.

—Hank Paulson
Chairman, Paulson Institute