This was a special year for the Paulson Institute. Not only because of what we accomplished over the past 12 months but because 2021 marked ten years since the Institute first opened its doors.

I founded the Paulson Institute in 2011 with the ambitious goal of sparking creativity and innovation to advance sustainable growth and a cleaner environment around the world. I focused on the US-China relationship because I believed—and continue to believe—that these global challenges would be more effectively managed if the US and China were working in complementary ways.

In recent years, our mission has become more vital than ever. We have seen heightened tensions between the two countries, and the reality is that US-China relations are going to be competitive in every domain for the foreseeable future. But without some level of cooperation between our two countries, the most pressing challenges facing the globe—pandemics, economic growth, climate change, biodiversity loss—will be virtually impossible to meet.

The Paulson Institute will continue to evolve, thanks to the ambition and creativity of its staff. At the same time, we will remain guided by the belief that a more balanced and productive US-China relationship is essential for maintaining global order. We are firmly committed to working on the issues where our two countries have a shared interest in working in complementary ways.

As we begin our second decade, we will continue to uphold the values that have been our guiding lights since the beginning—independence, intellectual rigor, and the uniting of knowledge and action. We thank you for your support and engagement in our work.

—Hank Paulson
Chairman, Paulson Institute