China estimates that it will cost up to $1 trillion annually to achieve its goals for a green economy, but the government is only capable of covering up to 15% of those costs. The difference in the financing, therefore, must come from the private sector. China has become a global testing ground for innovative concepts in green finance, and if successful, could shape standards, practices, and regulatory policies for the rest of the world.

The Paulson Institute is supporting China’s efforts to find market-based solutions for its transition to a low carbon economy. From advising on the establishment of a private sector fund, to pilot projects in green insurance, the Paulson Institute promotes transparent and world class standards in the green finance sector.

The U.S.-China Green Fund established in 2015 is one such innovation that provides financing to source US technology and deploy it in China to promote energy efficiencies. The Paulson Institute serves as a non-commercial advisor to the Fund.

About the U.S.-China Green Fund

The U.S.-China Green Fund is a public-private partnership established in 2015 with the support of the Paulson Institute, which now serves as a non-commercial advisor. Its innovative approach brings U.S. clean technology to use in seeking greater energy efficiencies in China. It also invests in green technologies and methods to support China’s transition to a low carbon economy.

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