Decoding China: The Chinese Economic Miracle, Interrupted?

Is the once high-flying Chinese economy losing steam? Will China innovate its way out of its economic quandary like in the past or stumble into stagnation like Japan did in the 1990s?

There’s no question more consequential than what’s happening to the world’s second-largest economy—its current and future prospects affect global capital, global companies, and global politics.

Yet it has become ever more challenging to get clear answers to these questions. Three years of the pandemic have dried up foreigners’ regular travel to China, limiting access to on-the-ground observations. The firehose of information on China, often contradictory, increasingly leaves investors and policymakers wondering how to separate the noise from the signal until now.

The Paulson Institute and the University of Chicago’s Becker Friedman Institute—China hosted “The Chinese Economic Miracle, Interrupted?” sharing insight into what’s really going on in the Chinese economy and the choices confronting the Chinese leadership. This live podcast recording features a conversation between Chang-Tai Hsieh (University of Chicago), Kaiser Kuo (Sinica), Lizzi C. Lee (The Signal), and Damien Ma (Paulson Institute).