Xiaojing (Mavis) Gan supports the Wetlands Conservation program at the Paulson Institute. As an Associate Director in this program, Xiaojing assists in the development and implementation of wetland conservation strategies and projects. She conducts research, organizes field visits, supports events and prepares reports related to wetland issues.

Xiaojing has 15 years of biodiversity conservation and research experience. She was involved in wetland research projects from the arctic tundra to tropical mangroves, from the inland seasonal wetlands to the coastal tidal marshes. She is also knowledgeable about biodiversity surveying and monitoring, ecotourism, sustainable development, and illegal wildlife trade.

Prior to joining the Paulson Institute, Xiaojing worked as a program officer at the Protected Area Research Group in the Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Her responsibilities included assessing the effectiveness of protected area management; maintaining high standards and veracity of “Protected Area Friendly Products”, designing the protocol of biodiversity monitoring for each protected area partner.

Xiaojing holds a PhD in ecology from the Fudan University.