Statement of Henry M. Paulson, Jr. on Wave of Anti-Asian Violence

The increasing wave of anti-Asian violence happening across our country is appalling. As the leader of the Paulson Institute—a multicultural institution focused on US-China relations—this trend is personal. Some on my team have been directly affected by anti-Asian discrimination, experiencing slurs, shunning, and worse. These acts run completely contrary to the core values of the United States, and should be condemned without equivocation. As a nation, we must reject the prejudices that would target people based on race or ethnicity, and speak up when we see bigotry in any form. I am grateful for all of those who are pushing to raise awareness for this growing problem. And I stand shoulder to shoulder with all Americans to stop Asian hate.

—Henry M. Paulson, Jr., Chairman of the Paulson Institute and former US Treasury Secretary
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Kristin Gomez
Communications Director