Forecast 2025: China Adjusts Course

New report from MacroPolo projects a more capable but more outwardly cautious China by 2025 

CHICAGO—MacroPolo, the in-house think tank of the Paulson Institute, released “Forecast 2025: China Adjusts Course,” one of the most comprehensive outlooks on China’s medium-term trajectory. This forecast of the world’s second-largest economy is built around projections of China’s economy, politics, technology, and energy.

Overall, the forecast holds a net bullish view of China’s trajectory, despite considerable domestic constraints and a strained external environment. The forecast is predicated on several macro assumptions and key factors that are likely to determine China’s behavior over the five-year period. But it is precisely the combined internal needs and external pressure that will likely prompt China to respond, adjusting its policy in ways that are unexpected today.

“To get China policy right, we need to get China right first. And it has been my belief that there is not enough “China” in the latest debates. This was what animated this effort, and we hope it offers some clarity and that it will be useful in shaping your thinking on China over the medium term,” says Damien Ma, Director and co-founder of MacroPolo.

This forecast coincides with China’s upcoming 14th Five-Year Plan, which is expected to be released before the end of the year. Like all such plans, it will define the priorities and set a course for where China intends to go. This particular plan is imbued with more significance than usual, because it is being touted as the pivotal opening chapter for achieving Xi Jinping’s 2035 national rejuvenation goals.

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