About Green Finance

The capital necessary to transition the world to low carbon and sustainable growth will be in the trillions. For China alone, the figure is estimated to be $1 trillion annually. Governments can only fund a small portion so private capital must be incentivized to make up the difference and drive the growth and adoption of green finance within the global financial system. In China, green finance is widely recognized by the government as a key mechanism for employing market-based solutions to respond to growing environmental concerns.

The Paulson Institute began to lead on green finance initiatives when serving as an advisor to the 2016 G20 Green Finance Study Group and as a leader in starting the US-China Green Fund. Today, the Paulson Institute is now a non-commercial advisor to the fund. In 2018, the Paulson Institute officially founded the Green Finance Center. Through convening, advocacy, thought leadership, and expertise, the Institute is dedicated to mainstreaming green finance investing principles and supporting a vibrant international green finance market.

Fellows, Advisors, and Affiliates


Ma Jun

Senior Fellow


Leigh Wedell

Senior Fellow


David Sandalow

Senior Advisor


Simon Zadek

Senior Fellow