James McGregor On His 25-Year China Journey at Paulson Institute


On January 24, the Institute hosted James McGregor as part of its Contemporary China Speakers Series at the University of Chicago. The series brings experts from across professions, perspectives, and disciplines—including from academia, government, think tanks, journalism, and industry—to the University’s Hyde Park campus for stimulating talks and discussions on contemporary China.


A leading China expert, McGregor recounted his 25-year experience living and working in China, witnessing firsthand the monumental changes that have taken place in the country. His lecture covered a wide range of topics, from the current business climate in China and treatment of journalists, to the new Chinese leadership and foreign policy. Having worked a journalist, media executive, and consultant, McGregor’s rich experience brought unique insights into how to make sense of today’s China.


Currently the chairman of the business consultancy APCO Worldwide/Greater China, McGregor has served previously as The Wall Street Journal bureau chief in Beijing and the CEO of Dow Jones in China. He is also the bestselling author of One Billion Customers, among other books.