Maria Repnikova Talks “Media Politics in China” at Paulson Institute

Maria Repnikova speaks about her book “Media Politics in China” at the Paulson Institute’s Contemporary China Speakers Series at the University of Chicago.

Maria Repnikova is a global communication scholar, with a regional specialization on China. She is currently an Assistant Professor in Global Communication at Georgia State University and a Director of the Center for Global Information Studies. Repnikova’s research focuses on political communication in China, including critical journalism, digital persuasion, crisis communication, and global image promotion. Her book, titled “Media Politics in China: Improvising Power Under Authoritarianism,” published with Cambridge University Press, won the best book of the year award from the International Journal of Press and Politics. Her work has also appeared in the China Quarterly, New Media & Society, Comparative Politics, and Journal of Contemporary China, amongst other publications. She also frequently contributes to policy debates with opinion pieces featured in Foreign Policy, Foreign Affairs, and Washington Post. Her current book project examines China’s soft power efforts, with a focus on Ethiopia. Repnikova holds a PhD in Politics from Oxford University, where she was a Rhodes Scholar.