Jeff Bader and Dennis Wilder Talk U.S. Policy on China at Paulson Institute

Four days before voters elect the next President of the United States, the top two Asia advisors to the last two Presidents—Obama and Bush—visited the Paulson Institute to share their unique perspectives on the state of U.S.-China relations and how the next administration should work with China. Drawing on a deep well of experience, Jeff Bader and Dennis Wilder shared lessons learned from each of their tenures as National Security Council Senior Director for Asia (Bader in the Obama Administration, Wilder in the George W. Bush Administration). In a conversation moderated by Paulson Institute Vice Chairman Evan Feigenbaum, Bader and Wilder discuss a wide range of topics, including the fraying consensus on U.S. policy toward China, how a changing China has unsettled Washington, the leadership of Xi Jinping, China’s role on the global stage, dealmaking with Beijing, what most Americans don’t get about China, how politics affect diplomacy, and much more.