Webinar: Biodiversity in the Post-COVID World: How Should Protection of Nature be a Part of the Recovery?

COVID-19 was a predictable crisis and yet the international community’s response has been patchy. As we move deeper into global biodiversity and climate change crises of a potentially greater magnitude, nature can be part of the solution as governments draft and design their recovery plans. However, given that the public sector will not be able to generate anywhere near the finance required to protect our most important biodiversity and the ecosystem services provided, much more will be needed from the private sector. Now is the time to value nature in creative and innovative ways.

The panel of experts shared their insights on the value of nature, why it should be part of the world’s post-COVID recovery, and how this can be done to “build back better.”

Honorable Barry Gardiner MP, Member of Parliament for Brent North, UK Parliament
Geoffrey Heal, Donald C. Waite III Professor of Social Enterprise, Columbia Business School
Rose Niu, Chief Conservation Officer, Paulson Institute
Simon Zadek, Sherpa, UN Task Force on Digital Finance of the Sustainable Development Goals

Terry Townshend, Advisor, Paulson Institute