Landscape Planning for Wuyi Mountains Pilot National Park

Straddling the border of Fujian and Jiangxi provinces, the Wuyi Mountain range includes the highest peak in southeast China. Every year, an estimated 8.5 million visitors enjoy the unrivaled forested sandstone landscape lining the turquoise river of Jiuqu (also known as Nine-Bend River). The region is also well-known for its tea and rich cultural heritage.

Today, the management of Wuyi Mountain is hindered by the presence of six different protected areas, each created by various government agencies and under fragmented management. In 2015, the area was selected as one of the pilot sites of China’s national park initiative. To support the pilot, the Paulson Institute, in partnership with the National Development and Reform Commission and the Heren Foundation, commissioned a research project to explore optimal spatial plans for the Wuyi Mountains Pilot National Park.

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