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Green Finance team interns in Beijing meet with Kate Li.


Every year, the Paulson Institute (PI) receives hundreds of applications to its internship, fellowship, and summer associate programs. For the 2019 summer session, PI hosted over 20 young professionals from top universities across the world in our three offices in Washington, DC, Beijing, China and our headquarters in Chicago, IL. All of these young professionals produced and contributed to substantive work on a wide array of topics related to conservation, green finance, media, and economics.

Eliot Chen presents his final research project at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

“Their work contributes to PI furthering its knowledge base while also finding a common ground and understanding of the economic and geopolitical aspects of the US-China relationship,” said Damien Ma, director of PI’s think tank, MacroPolo. The PI intern experience is an opportunity to cultivate emerging talent, work with international experts, and gain experience that is not found in the classroom. The interns’ work during the summer program supports the PI mission of fostering a productive relationship with China by providing leadership and best practices for the region. “Listening to what my peers are doing at other think tanks and internships, I’m very aware that the access and amount of feedback and support I’ve gotten through the Summer Associates program here is exceptionally rare,” said Eliot Chen, a senior at Princeton University.

“I’m very aware that the access and amount of feedback and support I’ve gotten through the Summer Associates program here is exceptionally rare.” —Eliot Chen, Senior at Princeton University.

Some of the participants were even able to use their time at PI to further meaningful research projects. One such participant was Lauren Baker, an MA graduate student from the University of Chicago who has studied in Mozambique for the last year, researching Africa’s relationship with China. “My time at the Paulson Institute was a really unique opportunity for me to round out the research that I had done,” said Baker.

Thank you to all the participants of the Summer 2019 class—you are a talented group and we look forward to hearing about your professional growth.

Green Finance team interns in Beijing with Kate Li and Gracie Sun.


About the Paulson Institute Internship Program

We offer a variety of internship programs in the U.S. and China throughout the academic year and during the summer term for undergraduate and graduate students who have an interest in U.S.-China relations.

Specifically, we look for students with a background in the analysis of economics, finance, technology, or political policy, with a focus on U.S.-China and/or broader Asia. We also look for students skilled in design, marketing, web development, or multimedia specialties to help build new products or improve content delivery. Chinese and English language capabilities are desirable.

Green Finance team interns Grace (left) and Jillayne (right), with Phylicia Wu.

We invite applications from students of the University of Chicago through Career Advancement’s UChicago Handshake online job portal. If there are no internships currently listed, all applicants for U.S.-based internships are welcome to submit a resume and cover letter to for future consideration. Applicants for China-based internships may submit a resume and cover letter to

We encourage students of all backgrounds to apply, but you must be able to work legally in our office in the U.S. or in China.