Advancing sustainable growth in the United States and China

Climate & Sustainable Urbanization Programs

Why Climate & Sustainable Urbanization?

China’s move to a more services- and consumption-driven model will help drive growth while emitting less carbon into the atmosphere. But a massive urbanization program, with more than 100 million people moving to the cities over the next five years, presents new environmental challenges, especially in the fast-growing buildings sector. At the same time, already industrialized regions must figure out how to survive the change without further slowing short-term economic growth. The Paulson Institute is working with our Chinese partners on several initiatives that foster best practices in advancing this economic transition through thought leadership, convening and advocacy.

Research & Publications

Our Beijing-based research team produces thought leadership on policy, technology and market-based solutions that will advance China’s industrial and energy-sector transformation.


Green Buildings

Through research and publications, workshops and conferences, and consultation with the private and public sector, we are working to support the development of a robust market for green building in China.


Mayors Training Program

China’s mayors are on the front lines of the country’s move toward more sustainable development. Our leadership training program empowers local policymakers to implement sustainable practices in urban centers across China.


Paulson Prize for Sustainable Cities

The Paulson Prize for Sustainable Cities is awarded annually to a project in China that represents a best practice in sustainable urbanization that will help advance China’s transition to a more sustainable economy.


Annual Sustainability Conference

The annual conference convenes business leaders and policymakers to discuss China’s sustainable economic transformation, with topics ranging from increasing energy efficiency in buildings to creating livable, economically vibrant communities.