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China/Shaanxi province/story by Ian Johnson/ pictures by Sim Chi Yin for the New York Times/ assignment ID: 10136739A/
Children play in the back streets of neat rows of two storey houses in the new town of Qiyan which was built over the last two years at the foot of the mountain where old Qiyan village is and over land that were previously rice fields. Villagers have progressively been moved downhill and into apartments, giving them the appearance of a modern life. /
/ Villagers in and around the old Qiyan village in southern Shaanxi province are being moved from their mountainside earthern houses into modern apartment blocks, some of them highrise, part of a massive migration plan pushed by the government. Their new apartments were built on land that were previously rice fields. This type of government-engineered urbanisation gives them modern housing but more often than not takes away the land they used to live off and forces them into a consumer’s lifestyle, paying for electricity, water, food and other costs by working as migrant workers far from home.