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Green Finance is a complex and continuously evolving sector. The nascent field is truly at the intersection of commerce and the environment and is growing in importance as the world fights the deteriorating effects of climate change. To contribute to the greater understanding of green finance and sustainable development, the Paulson Institute provides relevant thought leadership and a monthly newsletter on the topic and aims to be a repository for China green finance related resources.

Policy Briefs

Building the Capacity to Finance Green in China

By Leigh Wedell

(Executive Summary)


Thought Leadership

Briefing: “Green Finance – A Growing Imperative”



Briefing: “Greening the Financial System: Enhancing Competitiveness Through Economic Development”



Briefing: “Greening the Financial System: Exploring the Ways Forward”



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Issue #1 — August 2017



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In the News/Press Releases

October 4, 2017—”China flexes its economic muscles to push green finance on the New Silk Road” (South China Morning Post—By Deborah Lehr)

October 16, 2016—”Why successful global green finance is all about the colour of private money” (South China Morning Post—By Deborah Lehr)

September 5, 2016—Statement by Henry M. Paulson, Jr: Green Finance is Crucial for Sustainable Global Economic Growth

June 13, 2016—”Green Finance: A Strategic Imperative for China” (The Diplomat—By Deborah Lehr)

June 6, 2016—”For China, Green Finance is a Strategic Imperative” (HuffPost—By Deborah Lehr)

May 2016—”Xi’s Green Teams Fight for the Environment” (HuffPost—By Deborah Lehr and Leigh Wedell)

November 2, 2015—”China to Boost $100 Billion Green Bond Market for Renewables” (Bloomberg)

September 17, 2015—”China Focus: Sino-U.S. economic partnership strengthened with landmark projects” (Xinhua)

In Case You Missed It

December 11, 2017—”Is China serious about curbing pollution along the belt and road?” (South China Morning Post)

December 1, 2017—”China needs urgent oversight of investments” (Chinadialogue)

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