Carbon Markets

China has embarked on an active campaign to introduce innovative financing models to fund its transition to a more sustainable economy.

China’s national carbon market was launched in December 2017, and is the largest carbon trading system in the world. In order to be successful, however, China must overcome significant challenges, from adequate data collection to enforcement and the development of the necessary financial infrastructure.

As the two largest carbon emitters in the world, the United States and China – from the governments to the private sector and academic communities—must find ways to work together to address how best to reduce emissions in an economically viable manner. The Paulson Institute is supporting the Chinese government’s efforts in testing out various financial instruments by providing expertise and thought leadership.

Carbon Markets Roundtable Series

Inaugural Roundtable Meeting: September 6, 2017
The Paulson Institute and the Green Finance Committee of China hosted the inaugural China Carbon Market Roundtable. Some 40 leading experts from the fields of finance, trading, and environmental policy met to discuss the challenges of launching this important initiative and develop policy recommendations to help ensure its success.