Race to Zero

To compete and win in the global market, businesses must find ways to do more with less. The strongest global players stay ahead of the curve by investing early in cutting-edge technologies and developing smart business strategies that mitigate environmental and economic risks. This is especially true for companies operating in China, where the government has explicitly prioritized building a low-carbon economy.

In response to this opportunity the Paulson Institute and the China Center for International Economic Exchanges launched the Race to Zero Campaign in March 2018 to drive companies further toward zero-carbon, zero-waste business practices. Companies joining Race to Zero commit to take new, measurable actions to reduce emissions and waste in their direct operations and supply chains, particularly in China.

The campaign aims to achieve the following:

  1. Rally companies in the United States and China to make new, meaningful commitments to reduce emissions and waste, through direct outreach to business leaders
  2. Support companies to achieve their commitments by connecting them with resources and technical assistance
  3. Highlight the sustainability leadership demonstrated by the new commitments via social media, and through engagement with policymakers and other influencers in both countries

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