Advancing sustainable growth in the United States and China

Green Buildings

Through research and publications, workshops and conferences, and consultation with the private and public sector, the Paulson Institute is working to support the development of a robust market for green building in China.

Buildings account for as much as 40 percent of the world’s carbon emissions, and so energy efficiency in buildings is critical for attaining climate goals—especially in China, where more than half of the buildings in the world are going up. With commitment from the central government, China could become a global leader in building energy efficiency.


Financing Energy-Efficient Buildings in Chinese Cities, June 2016: Kevin Mo outlines China’s green buildings policies and recommends a green insurance mechanism that can help scale up the green building market.

Building Energy Codes in China: Recommendations for Development and Enforcement, October 2015: RMI experts outline China’s building energy policies and recommend policies for enforcement and implementation of energy codes.

Sustainable Affordable Housing: Three Cases for How It Can Be Done, Richard Martin, October 2015: The author looks at financing mechanisms for three affordable housing projects, in the Bronx, South London, and Boisar, India, and draws recommendations for the future.

Building Energy Disclosure: How Energy Reporting for Buildings Can Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency, September 2015: World Bank expert Gailius Draugelis and Paulson Institute experts Merisha Enoe and Anders Hove map out how disclosure of energy use in buildings could drive energy savings, spark innovation, and unleash new investment in green buildings.

Green Building Insurance

Inspired by ideas set out in Financing Energy-Efficient Buildings in Chinese Cities, published in June, 2016, the Paulson Institute is working with the construction and insurance sectors to develop insurance mechanisms to incentivize builders and investors to build green buildings.

March 2017: Executives from China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) met with counterparts from People’s Insurance Company of China (PICC) to discuss collaboration for scaling green buildings in China, convened by the Paulson Institute.

October 2016: Paulson Institute hosts a green building credit enhancement workshop with the People’s Insurance Company of China. Insurance officials expressed confidence that the insurance industry is well-positioned to accelerate the development of green buildings in China, given the industry’s strong innovation capabilities and cross-sector influence.

March 2017: The Paulson Institute signed a memorandum of cooperation on green building insurance with People’s Insurance Company in Beijing. The memorandum reflects commitment to work together to explore the use of insurance mechanisms to scale green buildings in China, and to jointly promote green development in China.