Annual Sustainability Conference

The annual conference convenes top Chinese and international business leaders, policymakers and government officials to discuss China’s sustainable economic transformation, with topics ranging from increasing energy efficiency in buildings to creating livable, economically vibrant communities.

The Paulson Institute, partnering with the China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE), convenes an annual conference on urban sustainability in Beijing. The conferences, hosted by Institute Chairman Hank Paulson and CCIEE Chairman Zeng Peiyan, explore innovative methods for promoting sustainability in China’s cities and feature expert presentations on addressing urban planning challenges. The events feature leading international and Chinese experts, practitioners, and innovative thinkers, including CEOs, mayors, architects, urban planners and scholars.

Following the conferences, the institute produces papers and advocacy plans aimed at helping the Chinese government advance its sustainable urbanization goals.

Previous conferences have focused on optimizing efficient building standards, constructing livable cities, solving infrastructure challenges, reducing congestion and building vibrant communities.

2017 Conference: Hosted in Beijing, the conference focused on “Green Transformation: From Commitment to Action” and featured 140 participants, including senior officials, researchers, and business representatives.


2015 Conference: Hosted in Beijing, the conference focused on 21st Century Energy.



2014 Conference: Hosted in Beijing, the conference focused on energy efficiency in buildings.



2012 Provincial Conference: Hosted in Changsha, the conference focused on the growing demands on urban infrastructure and fundamentals of a livable city.



2012 Conference: Convened in Beijing, the conference focused on sustainable practices in modern cities.



Cities of the Future Conference2011 Conference: Hosted in Beijing, the conference explored urban sustainability in modern China.