The Institute publishes papers on policy, technology and market-based solutions to support China’s efforts to reduce air pollution and cap carbon emissions, while continuing to promote economic growth.

Over the course of 2015, the Institute’s Climate Change & Air Quality Program will release several publications:

Spring 2015: A scene-setting paper will map out China’s air pollution and climate change challenges and opportunities. This will be available online for broad, public distribution.

Summer 2015: A series of papers will identify how policies that incentivize market forces can contribute to fighting China’s war on pollution and reaching carbon reduction goals. The research will focus on power sector reform; transportation; building-energy disclosure; emissions trading; and energy demand response. The papers will be released online and become the basis for roundtable discussions and small, private policy dialogues.

Fall 2015: Focusing on the Jing-Jin-Ji (JJJ) region around Beijing, this report will make the case that economic and environmental prosperity can be achieved hand-in-hand. Drawing upon best practices and experiences from the United States and Europe, the report will provide lessons for the Jing-Jin-Ji Region. It will be released online and become the basis for public forums and small, private policy dialogues.

Interested experts, potential co-authors and those with recommended case studies are encouraged to contact