Advancing sustainable growth in the United States and China

Year One CEO Council Achievements

Since its founding in November 2014, the CEO Council has launched a number of initiatives, focused on research, model projects and policy advocacy, to encourage sustainable business practices and help China achieve its ambitious urbanization goals. These include:

  • Advocacy Activities: Developed advocacy positions around 21st century buildings and energy efficiency, and published a building-code roadmap with policy recommendations to ensure more sustainable buildings. The Council has also produced a paper on energy sector reform.
  • Case Studies: Published two new case studies—one on financing mechanisms for clean technology and one on sustainable affordable housing—adding to earlier studies on Honeywell’s demand response systems for energy and Dow’s sustainability philosophy.
  • Executive Exchange Program: Launched an executive exchange program, allowing U.S. and Chinese member companies to exchange insights and practices related to sustainable business practices.
  • Landmark Building Project: Contributed to a 21st century building project launched by China State Construction and Engineering Corp. The energy-efficient affordable housing development in Beijing has the potential to be a model for similar projects across China.
  • Awareness Campaign: Developed digital awareness campaign aimed at Chinese millennials that will highlight sustainability issues and help promote ways they can be environmentally responsible.