TCL attaches great importance to ecological and environmental protection in the process of its business development. Successfully passing the monitoring tests in bounds noise, domestic wastewater discharge and gas emissions, TCL has been certified by local environmental protection authority for biding by environmental protection laws. In 2013, TCL launched a strategic discussion to develop two vertically integrated industrial chains for comprehensive utilization and treatment of industrial solids waste; and for intensive recycling of used home appliances. The effort is aimed at expanding TCL’s environmental protection technology service to a new horizon, promoting a sustainable industry through technical innovation in terms of resource renewal and environmental protection.

TCL promotes low-carbon economy through technical innovation in green manufacturing, green productions and green industrial cycles. It strives to be a model for protecting the ecological environment and advancing economic and social sustainability. TCL’s Environmental Technology Company Ltd launched a new environmental technology base project, and has successfully patented seven environmental protection inventions. With an investment of 300,000 Chinese Yuan, the “TCL industrial hazard and waste comprehensive treatment project” will be able to process 100,000 tons of wastes when it was completed, providing a solution for the comprehensive treatment of poisonous and hazardous wastes for electronics and petrochemical industries.

TCL has also been actively developing green products to reduce their impact on the environment. TCL’s LED lighting renovation project has reduced annual electricity usage by 215 kilowatts, carbon dioxide discharge by 210 tons and carbon emission by 58 tons. TCL has launched more than 300 LED-source lighting products for outdoor, commercial and domestic usages, which have been well received by the market due to the company’s high-quality, low price strategy, as well as its reliable after sales technical support and end-to end total solutions.

While achieving industrial upgrading, TCL is also fulfilling its social responsibility by focusing on social welfare and promoting education.

TCL Community Foundation and Huameng Foundation singed individual contract with China Youth Development Foundation in 2013 to launch “TCL Hope Project Candlelight Prize” to recognize and award outstanding rural teachers. TCL Community Foundation, in partnership with China Youth Development Foundation, hosted the inaugural “TCL Hope Project Candlelight Prize” award ceremony in Beijing on May22, 2014. Three hundred teachers from rural areas in China were awarded 12,000 yuan each by the foundation, totaling 3.6 million yuan. The TCL Community Foundation will continue to support “Hope Project Candlelight Prize” by committing 25 million yuan over 5 years for rewarding outstanding rural teachers, and for improving their professional skills and training conditions. The prize is aimed at recognizing and encouraging teachers in rural areas of China.

Huameng Foundation was set up by TCL Chairman Li Dongsheng and his wife Wei Xue within the China Youth Development Foundation in 2007. Huameng has committed to providing financial support to high school students from poverty-stricken families. With a total input of 80 million yuan, Huameng education foundation has provided financial support to 500 students from poverty-stricken families. Students from the first Huameng classes are about to graduate this year, many of them have already participated in activities to promote social welfare, repaying society with their own efforts. Huameng Foundation will continue its commitment to running Huameng classes by allocating 22.72 million yuan over the next 7 years. With an accumulated fund of 30.40 million yuan, the foundation is expected to have provided support to 1000 students from poverty-stricken families by 2021. Mr Li Dongsheng and Ms Wei Xue hope that Huameng Foundation can attract more people to pay attention to the inequality in education so as to pull social force to promote the reasonable allocation of educational resources.

TCL has also participated in other activities to promote education, such as campus lectures, university student movie festivals and the Eagle training program.

TCL has adhered to the principle of “taking social responsibility, and be an excellent corporate citizen” since its foundation over 30 years ago. TCL will continue to promote sustainable development through its business and social activates.