China State Construction Engineering Corporation

Sustainable Construction

China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC), a leading force in China’s construction industry, is taking an active part in the push for sustainability in China’s construction industry. Its main focuses are the development and application of green construction, the implementation of new energy in its industrial supply chain, and the development of low-carbon industry through technological innovation and investment.

CSCEC conducts research on green construction building techniques and approaches planning, designing and production of green construction with a holistic mindset. Several of its initiatives, such as energy-conservation techniques for airport construction and zero-energy-consumption construction technique in the western plateau region, have won awards, including the National Prize for Science and Technology.

CSCEC utilized green building techniques for its Beijing National Aquatics Center project (© Jean Wang)


In 2002, CSCEC began the research and application of its green construction approach, with an initial focus on upgrading traditional industry and an ultimate goal on achieving zero pollution and emissions at construction sites in China. Some of its first projects included collecting waste concrete and repurposing it into structure blocks to reduce solid waste; developing long-lasting and reusable box-type construction-site temporary housing; and producing a recyclable plastic template that can be used more than 30 times to ensure zero woodwork at the construction site.

In the area of structural systems, CSCEC started with the research and development of the first generation of fully digitized and industrialized Precast Concrete (PC) products in China. It has progressed into the research and application of a variety of construction technologies on PC building systems, such as prefabricated steel box structures and assembled monolithic pre-stressed frame structures. Prefabricated light steel has also become an indispensible part of the prefabricated building industry, because it is light, strong and recyclable. Currently, CSCEC is starting with four categories of prefabricated steel construction products, including commercial office buildings, residential housing, modular ecological construction, and green ecological construction.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is another focus of CSCEC’s green construction approach. BIM is a form of digital information technology which is utilized in architectural design, construction, and building operation. BIM aims to use simulation to optimize efficiency and reduce costs, and is becoming a global industry standard. Since first implementing BIM in 2007, CSCEC has achieved significant progress in standardizing systems, training personnel, establishing basic platforms and building projects. CSCEC is taking a central role in the application of BIM to the construction industry.

CSCEC is also making great strides in conservation, reducing its negative impacts on the environment and conducting research on treatment technology for water, air, and soil. Together with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CSCEC is working to commercialize current electro-kinetic and chemical remediation technology for contaminated soil.

CSCEC seeks to reduce its carbon emissions by lowering consumption of fossil fuels and pioneering the development and application of new energy technology. The company strictly follows usage requirements for renewable energy, as outlined by China’s Action Plan for Green Buildings. Since 2006, CSCEC has been actively researching and exploring solar photovoltaics and groundwater heating pumps, leading to advancements in low energy building design. Thus, CSCEC stands as an active player in China’s sustainable future.