Advancing sustainable growth in the United States and China

Chicago Club

30461D Chicago Club, US-China Collaboration in a Changing Global Energy Landscape. Attendees: Jerry Adelmann, Erik Birkerts, Guenter Conzelmann, Arvinder Dang, Casey Delhotal, Declan Flanagan, Keri Fulton, Bob Gallucci, Arathi Gowda, Kimberly Gray, Devin Hampton, Eric Isaacs, Deborah Lehr, Damien Ma, Charles Macal, Rebecca Neale, Pin Ni, Hank Paulson, Mark Peters, Jessica Polos, Michael Polsky, Daniel Poneman, Bob Rosner, Richard Sandor, Craig Sieben, Taiya Smith, William Spence,Patrick Theisen, Michael Wang, Ed Woodbury