2017 Year in Review

In 2017, the Institute doubled down on its core programs at the intersection of economics and the environment that we believe can advance a positive relationship between the United States and China. We continue to believe it is more important than ever to create opportunities for the U.S. and China to take joint or complementary action on global problems. This is what we do at the Paulson Institute. We hope you will enjoy reading about our work in this Year in Review.

In the past year, the Institute focused on areas of mutual interest to the U.S. and China, including foreign investment, green finance, conservation, and climate. Along with our core programs, we launched two important new initiatives: MacroPolo and Green Finance. MacroPolo is a new digital platform for incisive, relevant, and accessible research on China’s political economy and foreign direct investment in the U.S. The Green Finance Program leverages the Institute’s core strengths in sustainability and finance to address the growing need to shape infrastructure and climate investments toward a low-carbon future.

We appreciate your support and look forward to working together for our sustainable future. Please read our Year in Review for more about our work in 2017!

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