2016 Year in Review

In 2016, the Paulson Institute celebrated its fifth anniversary by deepening our commitment to strengthening U.S.-China relations and the promotion of China’s market reforms, sustainable economic growth, and environmental protection. We hope you will enjoy reading about our work in this Year in Review.

Our goal is to facilitate the sharing of real-world experiences to generate solutions to the most pressing economic and environmental challenges facing the United States and China—the world’s largest economies, energy consumers, and emitters of carbon.

The Institute’s Think Tank papers, research on renewable energy and regional development, mayors training program, and work on China’s coastal wetlands and the country’s first national parks system all reflect those ambitious goals. In 2016, we also became engaged in a key challenge: how to unleash capital to drive sustainable growth. Toward that end, we worked to promote the development of a robust international green finance market.

Please read our Year in Review for more about our work in 2016!